(Written & directed by Wole Oguntokun; Produced by Renegade Theatre)  | Date: Friday, April 24, Time: 6pm; Venue: Terra Kulture, VI


 AN international award-winning production written and directed by Wole Oguntokun, the Tarzan Monologues is a theatrical compilation of global topics as seen through the eyes of African men. The issues dealt with include the societal pressure on men to succeed, the dilemma of finances, women and children, sexual abuse, religion and infidelity among many others. These monologues humorously but accurately provide insight into the complexities in the nature of men, their world, their pains, tragedies, triumphs and frustrations. The Tarzan Monologues encourage the scrutiny of stances on gender relations through the use of drama, music and dance. The stage becomes a metaphor for life and its challenges, allowing audience members, male and female, see their own lives represented through performances deliberately designed to encourage interactions between actor and on-looker. 


ABOUT RENEGADE THEATRE: Renegade Theatre was the only company from West Africa to perform at the Shakespeare Olympiad hosted by the Globe Theatre, London, in May 2012 with its production of “The Winter’s Tale”. It was the first Nigerian theatre company to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with productions of “The Waiting Room” (August 1-26, 2013 at Assembly) and “The Tarzan Monologues” (July 31-August 24, 2014 at The Underbelly) Renegade Theatre presented full length plays at the Lagos Theatre Festival (2013, 2014); Festival of Nigerian Plays (FESTINA 2011); Lagos Book & Arts Festival (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011) and at the National Theatre of Ghana (2010) among others.  In 2007, it initiated the “Theatre@Terra” project where it produced and presented stage works every Sunday for three and half years without interruption. Over the years, Renegade Theatre has staged more than 70 productions at the MUSON Centre in Lagos, including three times for the yearly MUSON Festival. The company also presented plays in the 2010-2013 editions of the Lagos Black Heritage Festival.