The 2015 edition continues the innovation that was introduced in 2014, as an interactive test to stretch youthful imagination and skills across genres. Instead of the uni-disciplinary interpretation of the given theme, participants will express their vision in two creative media: Painting and the Literary Arts – poetry, prose, fiction, or essay.  The journey begins with the latter section - a poem, essay or short story of fixed length - on the chosen theme.  Those who scale through this stage will then be invited to Freedom Park, provided with brush, paint and easel and set to illustrate their literary presentation in the complementary medium of - Painting.


As a further incentive, unlike 2014 where the prize is awarded on the aggregate of the two creative media, there will be three prizes in all – one in Painting, another in its sister art, the literary, while the prime prize will go to the combined product of the pupil's dexterity – Painting and Literature. Learning from the 2014 edition, we have given increased recognition to the fact that very few individuals are endowed with a duality or more of creative skills, and it seemed a pity not to recognise youthful talent that is not stretched beyond one. 


The mission of the mini Artistic Decathlon – perhaps more accurately called 'Decathlon' - is to uncover and promote talent wherever it is lodged. In a few years – who knows, perhaps the very next edition! - LBHF will be able to thrill viewers and readers with an authentic Decathlon, comprising at least ten branches of the visual, performing arts and even environmental designs. At the moment, material resources restrict us to the present but expanding 'mini' editions, testing combinations among the disciplines. Within the present limitations however, the Festival envisages an even more intensive contest, with a creative repertory whose menu will change from edition to edition - but all that is in the future.


For now, LBHF invites parents, schools and their teachers to the 2015 edition. Prizes will be donated and presented - by Diamond Bank, Microsof and Honeywell! Winning entries will be mounted for viewing at the Gala event to mark the conclusion of the Festival.    


The 2015 theme is “THE ROAD TO SAMBISA”.


Prof. Wole Soyinka

Festival Consultant

Lagos Black Heritage Festival